Solar-powered coolers are a smart choice because they never run out of cooling capacity, no more lugging around bags of ice, your food never gets soggy and more room in the cooler for the important stuff!

Available in 32, 42, and 52 quart sizes.

Solar cooler/freezer comes complete with 6” wheels, handle, TWO batteries, AC power adapter, car plug and solar panel.

One full charge of the battery powers 10-15 hours in refrigerator setting (32⁰F-50⁰F), 5-7 hours in freezer setting (-4⁰F-32⁰F). LCD Display-for easy control and monitoring. Multiple settings for different needs.

For best performance load cooler with cold or frozen food. Trying to freeze room temperature food or beverages uses a significant amount of energy compared to maintaining temperature which would reduce operating time if using only battery power.

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