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Recent installations of note

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2022 Upgrade battery and lighting at Delight Quarry

2021 Install solar-powered enty sign lighting at Amber Ridge

2020   Installation of entry sign lighting at Preserve at Red Run

2019 - Preserve at Red Run  Amenity power and lighting: USB charging and 120V AC power plus lighting for community pergola

2017-2018 - Continuation of the community-wide solar lighting project, including entry monuments (signs, walls, columns, decorative archway lighting) community gathering spaces and irrigation power at Windlass Run community

2017 - Phase 2 of community-wide solar lighting project including a community event shelter and signage at Delight Quarry

2016 - Completed phase 1 of a community-wide solar lighting installation including power for irrigation control and power for community events/emergency power for Beazer Homes at Delight Quarry

2015 - Installed solar power supply to power two innovative sign designs with backlit lettering at Wincopia Farms

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